Prevention Science Awards

Outstanding Graduate Scholar in Prevention Science

This award recognizes a student for excellence and growth in research, skill acquisition, translation, and mentorship.

2022 Winner

Faith Price

Nominated by: Elizabeth Weybright

  • Community Prevention Coordinator for All Nations Health Center
  • Chari of Law an Policy Subcommittee of Missoula Underage Substance Use Prevention Coalition
  • Former Director of Native American Student Services, support native WSU students

2021 Winner

Lexie Jackson

Nominated by: Jane Lanigan

  • Among the first researchers in our field to examine adaptive eating behavior, body image, diet, and parent feeding.
  • Directs the Developmental Approaches to Support Health (DASH) lab and is co-lead of the COVID 19 Health and Wellbeing Team.
  • Taught 3 undergrad courses for HD and 5 grad courses for Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

2020 Winner

Amanda McMahon

Nominated by: Anne Cox

  • Exceptional mentor of undergraduate research assistants
  • Led research investigating impact of technology on state mindfulness in students with intellectual and developmental disorders
  • Active member of Prevention Science Graduate Student Organization

Exceptional Undergraduate Student in Prevention Science Research

This award recognizes students for exceptional scholarly growth and acquisition of research skills.

2022 Winners

Corlyn Estelle

Nominated by: Anne Cox

  • Helped develop and leads 6-week online girls’ physical activity program
  • Translates theory and research to inform program
  • Assessing fidelity, feasibility, and efficacy of program
  • Supervises research team

Tosha BigEagle

Nominated by: Sara Waters and Yoshie Sano

  • Draws on lived experience to bring compassion and understanding of marginalized groups
  • Passionate in advancing equity and inclusion
  • Co-authored manuscript with Dr. Waters

2021 Winners

Aryn Vaughan

Nominated by: Sammy Perone

  • 2+ years as RA for Lab for the Developing Mind
  • Learned several complex behavioral and neurophysiological research procedures
  • CAHNRS internship: managed collaborative study with Dr. Gartstein’s Infant Temperament lab
  • Co-authored poster presentation and presented study results in Prevention Science Data Blitz
  • Will be joining us as a PhD student in the fall!

Ridge Bynum

Nominated by: Patricia Pendry

  • 2 years as RA in Human Animal Interaction Lab
  • Assisted with data collection for the PAWs4US study focused on examining effects of a weekly animal-assisted stress prevention program on students’ behavior and emotional wellbeing
  • Advanced qualitative behavioral coding
  • Will be attending School Psychology graduate   program at Gonzaga University next year

Chelsea Ward

Nominated by: Yoshie Sano

  • 2 years as RA with Rural Families Speak project
  • Interview coding and qualitative data analysis for multi-site, multi-PI project
  • Earned 2nd author on manuscript
  • Accepted to present poster at WSU Vancouver Research Showcase and Rural Sociological Society Conference
  • Aspires to become a family advocate

SPR Cup Winners

The Society for Prevention Research (SPR) Sloboda and Bukoski Cup is named for two of the founders and long-time active members of SPR, Dr. Zili Sloboda and Dr. William Bukoski. The competition is an opportunity for a unique experience: several independent teams of scientists, each working with the same data set, problem solve together for a brief period of time and then jointly present the results of their work to each other and to a panel of senior prevention scientists and the SPR membership at the SPR annual conference

Congrats to these WSU students and faculty mentors!

2021 Winning Team

  • Team Name: Nerd Immunity
  • Presentation Title: Bioecological Building Blocks for Neighborhoods: Considering Safety and Race in Child Development
  • Team Members: Kat Bruzios (captain), Erica Doering, Autumn Decker, SuYeon Lee, and Jordan Newburg
  • Primary Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Duckworth

2019 Winning Team

  • Team Name: Team Datum
  • Presentation Title: Falling and Depression among Older Adults: Explanations, Conditions, and Implications for the Forgotten Population
  • Team Members: Shane McFarland (captain), Kyle Murphy, Myah Houghten, Garrett Jenkins, and Marie Gray
  • Primary Faculty Mentor: Brittany Cooper

2018 Winning Team

  • Team Name: The Significant Others
  • Presentation Title: Optimizing the Power of Positive Relationships: Which Preschool Teachers Benefit Most from a Professional Development Coaching Intervention?
  • Team Members: Eleanor Dizon (captain), Ben Bayly, Gitanjali Shrestha, Crystal Smith, and Senait Tekle
  • Primary Faculty Mentor: Brittany Cooper
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