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Washington State University

Prevention Science Awards

Posted by jolene.knight | May 6, 2021

Outstanding Graduate Scholar in Prevention Science

This award recognizes a student for excellence and growth in research, skill acquisition, translation, and mentorship.

2021 Winner

Lexie Jackson

Nominated by: Jane Lanigan

  • Among the first researchers in our field to examine adaptive eating behavior, body image, diet, and parent feeding.
  • Directs the Developmental Approaches to Support Health (DASH) lab and is co-lead of the COVID 19 Health and Wellbeing Team.
  • Taught 3 undergrad courses for HD and 5 grad courses for Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

2020 Winner

Amanda McMahon

Nominated by: Sammy Perone

  • Supervises in the Psychology of Physical Activity Laboratory (PPAL)
  • Taught 1 undergrad course for Kinesiology

Exceptional Undergraduate Student in Prevention Science Research

This award recognizes students for exceptional scholarly growth and acquisition of research skills

2021 Winners

Aryn Vaughan

Nominated by: Sammy Perone

  • 2+ years as RA for Lab for the Developing Mind
  • Learned several complex behavioral and neurophysiological research procedures
  • CAHNRS internship: managed collaborative study with Dr. Gartstein’s Infant Temperament lab
  • Co-authored poster presentation and presented study results in Prevention Science Data Blitz
  • Will be joining us as a PhD student in the fall!
Ridge Bynum

Nominated by: Patricia Pendry

  • 2 years as RA in Human Animal Interaction Lab
  • Assisted with data collection for the PAWs4US study focused on examining effects of a weekly animal-assisted stress prevention program on students’ behavior and emotional wellbeing
  • Advanced qualitative behavioral coding
  • Will be attending School Psychology graduate   program at Gonzaga University next year
Chelsea Ward

Nominated by: Yoshie Sano

  • 2 years as RA with Rural Families Speak project
  • Interview coding and qualitative data analysis for multi-site, multi-PI project
  • Earned 2nd author on manuscript
  • Accepted to present poster at WSU Vancouver Research Showcase and Rural Sociological Society Conference
  • Aspires to become a family advocate