Lab for the Developing Mind

Dr. Sammy Perone leads the Lab for the Developing Mind at Washington State University. Our research investigates the brain, physiological, and behavioral basis of self-regulatory processes from infancy to adulthood. We use a variety of cutting-edge…

Human Animal Interaction Lab

Dr. Patricia Pendry’s research takes a biobehavioral approach towards the study of human animal interaction and human development by examining the effects of animal assisted programs in reducing the physiological ramifications of social and academic stress, with an emphasis on strengthening adaptive functioning of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) activity in children, adolescents, and college […]

Adolescent Health Promotion Lab

The Adolescent Health Promotion Lab is overseen by Dr. Elizabeth H. Weybright, and includes undergraduate Human Development and graduate Prevention Science students. Recognizing adolescence as a critical period of biological, cognitive, and social development, we…

Media, Youth, and Healthy Relationships Research

Dr. Rodgers’ research explores factors within the individual, family, and non-family environments related to adolescent health and sexual risk behaviors. Current research with Dr. Stacy Hust (College of Communication) has two related tracks. One focuses on media as a cultural context that can influence adolescent and emerging adults’ sense of self, understanding of romantic relationships, and […]

Family Life and Study: Interparental Discord and Child Stress

The primary goal of this study, conducted by Dr. Patricia Pendry and funded by the National Center for Research on Marriage and Families, is to better understand how exposure to interparental conflict in infancy and early childhood is associated with child maladjustment in socioemotional and behavioral domains, with an emphasis on discovering a physiological pathway (e.g., child stress hormone levels, sleep) by which interparental conflict […]