Research Labs & Projects

List of Research Labs and Project by Campus.

The Occupational Sleep Medicine Group

The Occupational Sleep Medicine Group’s research is primarily focused on fatigue, sleep, and performance, with specialization in prevention of fatigue in the workplace, Fatigue Risk Management (FRM), and commercial aviation pilot sleep and performance across…

Foster Care Research Lab

Main areas of interest: Child welfare system Aging out of foster care Developing, adapting, and testing interventions Program evaluation Maltreatment, trauma, and PTSD LGBTQ youth well-being Foster Care Research Lab The Foster Care Research Lab is led by Dr. Amy Salazar. The projects in this lab focus on better understanding the circumstances of, and supporting […]

Lab for the Developing Mind

Dr. Sammy Perone leads the Lab for the Developing Mind at Washington State University. Our research investigates the brain, physiological, and behavioral basis of self-regulatory processes from infancy to adulthood. We use a variety of cutting-edge…

Human Animal Interaction Lab

Dr. Patricia Pendry’s research takes a biobehavioral approach towards the study of human animal interaction and human development by examining the effects of animal assisted programs in reducing the physiological ramifications of social and academic stress, with an emphasis on strengthening adaptive functioning of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) activity in children, adolescents, and college […]

Program of Excellence in Addictions Research

Dr. Sterling McPherson is the current director of the Program of Excellence in Addictions Research (PEAR). This transdisciplinary addiction science program ranges in disciplinary representation from health policy and economics to experimental pharmacotherapeutics and human toxicology.…

Healthy Aging Lab

The Healthy Aging Lab, led by Dr. Cory Bolkan, focuses on adult development and healthy aging by promoting optimal physical health (e.g., preventing/managing chronic illness), mental health (e.g., addressing depression, grief), and social health (e.g., engagement with family and friends). The goals of this work are to encourage healthy behaviors across the lifespan, implement evidence-based […]

Adolescent Health Promotion Lab

The Adolescent Health Promotion Lab is overseen by Dr. Elizabeth H. Weybright, and includes undergraduate Human Development and graduate Prevention Science students. Recognizing adolescence as a critical period of biological, cognitive, and social development, we…

Healthy Emotional Development Lab

The Healthy Emotional Development (HED) Lab is a dynamic group of undergraduate and graduate student research scientists, led by Dr. Sara Waters. We investigate young children’s emotions, stress, and coping in the context of the…

Rural Families Speak Project

As a part of multi-state longitudinal research, Dr. Yoshie Sano  is examining family well-being and functioning of rural low-income families. This 10-year-project takes a multidisciplinary approach and includes collaborators from 17 states. The project covers a wide variety of topics including childcare, community, economic well-being, ethnicity, family structure, food security, housing, parenting, physical and mental health, public […]

Disenfranchised Youth: Growing up at the Margins

Dr. Marcelo Diversi has been conducting ethnographic research with youth growing up in oppressive developmental contexts.  He has worked with Brazilian street youth and Latino undocumented immigrant youth and families in northern Utah, and is currently working with runaway and homeless youth in Southwest Washington.  Dr. Diversi’s research focuses on narratives of identity, educational views and practices, […]