Advancing Lifespan Prevention Science

Due to the unprecedented changes in our global population demographics as a result of increased human longevity, we need innovative solutions and multidisciplinary teams to address overall health promotion, disease prevention, and provision of adequate health and supportive services for a growing population of older adults. We propose that stronger investment in prevention science research that adopts a lifespan approach may help address these needs via further:

  1. Identification of malleable risk and protective factors for health and well-being outcomes in later life;
  2. Development and implementation of preventive interventions targeted to older adults and their families;
  3. Translation of research findings into routine evidence-based practice.

As a relatively young field, Prevention Science has gained wide interest in the U.S. and abroad, as prevention scientists aim to rigorously and systematically evaluate interventions that reduce maladaptive health behaviors and promote adaptive behaviors. To date, there is a large ga