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Washington State University


Posted by angie.funaiole | February 1, 2016

Pullman Campus

Olusola Adesope

Director of the Multimedia in Education: Research with Instructional Techniques (MERIT) Lab. Research focuses on the cognitive and pedagogical underpinnings of learning with computer-based multimedia resources; meta-analysis of empirical research, knowledge representation through interactive concept maps and diagrams, instructional practices in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) domains.

Chris Connolly

Physical activity assessment; barriers to physical activity during pregnancy; perceptions towards physical activity among pregnant and postpartum women; physical activity discussion between pregnant women, family, and prenatal healthcare providers; physical fitness and human athletic performance.

Anne Cox

Motivational processes in youth physical activity; adaptive physical education environments; self-determination theory; body image and the effects of different modes of exercise on psychological outcomes.

Brian French

Director of the Learning and Performance Research Center. Research focuses on educational and psychological measurement issues. Sample topics include: Measurement Invariance, Structural Equation Modeling; Item Response Theory, Classical Test Theory, Factor Analysis, Monte Carlo Studies.

Shikha Prashad

The neural mechanisms underlying motor behavior in health and how they are altered in aging and disease.

Mike Trevisan

Dean of the College of Education and Associate Director of the Learning and Performance Research Center.

Sarah Ullrich-French

Youth physical activity and health; social relationships/social contextual factors in motivational processes; positive youth development

Vancouver Campus

Susan Finley

Educational issues associated with economic poverty and homelessness, diversity, and ways of understanding and being in the world; alternative approaches to curriculum and instruction that improve educational access for all students