Certificate in Gerontology

Students at the Global, Pullman, and Vancouver campuses may pursue a certificate in gerontology while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development, another Bachelor’s degree, or independent of completion of a bachelor’s degree. The certificate program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and professional skills to seek employment in a variety of settings that focus on older individuals including: adult day care centers, nursing homes, home care services, community organizations that deliver services to older adults, and many others.





  • Work closely with an advisor in the Department of Human Development to take the designated courses to complete a certificate in Gerontology, including an internship.
  • Complete the courses required for the certificate in gerontology including an internship.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.6 for the courses required for the certificate in gerontology.
  • Complete a minor in the program in gerontology. Students complete course requirements to minor in the program in gerontology. In addition, the internship required for the human development degree also serves as the final requirement for the student to earn a Gerontology Certificate.
  • When requirements are completed for both the HD degree and the Program in Aging/Gerontology Certificate, the student is awarded with a Gerontology Certificate. This shows that the student has completed a course of study that focuses on individuals in later life. (Note: This does not mean the student is state certified.)

Required Course Work

For a full list of required courses and course descriptions, visit the WSU Course Catalog.