Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Students at the WSU Global, WSU Pullman, and WSU Vancouver campuses may pursue a certificate in early childhood education while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development, another bachelor’s degree, or independent of completion of a bachelor’s degree. The certificate program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and professional skills to seek employment in a variety of early childhood settings including: child care centers, pre-school settings, Child Protective Services, crisis nurseries, and many others.


  • Work closely with an advisor in the Department of Human Development to take the designated courses to complete a certificate in Early Childhood Education.
  • Complete the courses required for the early childhood specialty certificate including a practicum.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.6 for the courses required for the certificate in early childhood education.
  • When requirements are completed for both the human development degree and the certificate, the student is awarded with a Certificate in Early Childhood Education. This shows that the student has completed a course of study that focuses on early childhood. (Note: This does not mean the student is state certified.)
**Note: All HD majors are required to take 42 credit hours of Human Development courses.**

Required Course Work

For a full list of required courses and course descriptions, visit the WSU Course Catalog.