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Scholarships & Financial Support

Washington State University, the College of Agricultural, Human and Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) and the Department of Human Development all award scholarships. To apply for awards through WSU and CAHNRS, complete the WSU General Scholarship Application.

Departmental Scholarships and Awards

Each year the Human Development Department selects an Outstanding Freshman, Junior and campus and Online Senior of the Year.  In addition the department awards 15-20 scholarships, for a total of about $18,000, to certified human development majors. These scholarships are merit based (minimum overall GPA, 3.0) and are not dependent on students’ financial circumstances. They are typically awarded for the full academic year (split between fall and spring semesters), but in special requested circumstances may be awarded for a single semester or summer. Each scholarship is provided through donations from individuals who have set up an endowment with the university in order to provide scholarships to students majoring in human development. To apply for a departmental scholarship or award please complete the application (pdf), and submit, along with a letter of recommendation from your human development advisor or other WSU professor, to the Human Development main office (JT 501). Note specific submission deadline on application (mid December of each year).

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Requirements Award
Loretta (Salvadalena) & Doug Allred Endowed Scholarship in HD
  • Certified HD major
  • 3.0 & above cumulative GPA
  • Freshman-Senior class standing
  • Financial need considered
$500-$1,000 (1-2 awards)
Signe Bustad Scholarship
  • Certified FCS major
  • 3.0 & above cumulative GPA
  • 110 credits completed at time of application
$1,000-$1,500 (1-3 awards)
William E. & Dorna I. Kreitz Scholarship
  • Certified HD major
  • High academic achievement
  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • Empahsis in early childhood
  • Leadership & strong character
  • Desire & ability to be of service to needy people
$500-$1,000 (1-2 awards)
Catharine Melissa Loomis Scholarship
  • Certified HD major
  • Preference to students studying early childhood
$500-$1,500 (4-9 awards)
Margaret Nelson & Grace Kembel Leadership Scholarship
  • Certified HD major
  • High cumulative GPA
  • Sophomore class standing or higher
  • Shows high evidence of leadership
  • Student demonstrates abiltiy & desire to help those in need
$500-$1,500 (4-8 awards)
Sherrill Richarz Scholarship
  • Certified HD major
  • 3.0 & above cumulative GPA
  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • Emphasis in early childhood
  • Preferably male
  • Preferably student of color
$500-$1,000 (2-4 awards)
Stanley P. Swenson Scholarship
  • Certified HD major
  • High academic GPA
  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • emphasis in early childhood or child development
  • Student demonstrates ability & deisre to help those in need
$500-$1,000 (1-2 awards)
Joye Dillman HD Online Degree Scholarship
  • Completing B.A. through online degree program
  • Certified HD major
  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • Demonstrates leadership in volunteer or work activities in home community
$500 (1 award)
Typical Total Amount to Disperse $18,000

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