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Washington State University

Human Services Case Management & Administration

Vancouver students may pursue a certificate in human services while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development, another bachelor’s degree, or independent of completion of a bachelor’s degree. The certificate program is designed to build a theoretical and applied understanding of working with people in a variety of human service settings including social service agencies, health care agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions. Elective focus courses provide the specialized skills and knowledge in either (a) case management, emphasizing specialized study and skills for those interested in working directly with people, or (b) administration, emphasizing perspectives and skills for those interested in management and supervisory roles.


  • A final grade of “C” or better is required for each course to be applied to the certificate in human services.
  • When requirements are completed for the certificate, the student is awarded with a Human Services Case Management and Administration Certificate. This shows that the student has completed a course of study that focuses on individuals ┬áin a variety of human services settings. (Note: This does not mean the student is state certified.)


Courses Required for the Human Services Certificate (9 credit hours)
HD 301/HD 403 Family Stress & Coping/Families in Poverty 3 Credits
HD 385 Perspectives in Human Services 3 Credits
HD 430/MGMT 301/PSYCH 308 Professional Skills & Grant Writing/Prin. of Management/Org. Psychology 3 Credits
Elective Courses – Choose ONE Focus Area (9 credit hours)
Case Management Focus
CRMJ 365/SOC 367 Juvenile Justice 3 Credits
CRMJ 403 Violence Toward Women 3 Credits
HD 300 Child Maltreatment 3 Credits
HD 350 Family Diversity 3 Credits
HD 360 Death & Dying 3 Credits
HD 410 Policy Issues in HD 3 Credits
HD 498 Field Placement 3 Credits
POLS 436 Disability, Aging, & Public Policy 3 Credits
PSYCH 110 Introduction to Addictions 3 Credits
PSYCH 333 Abnormal Psychology 3 Credits
PSYCH 444 Basic Helping Skills 3 Credits
Administration Focus
ACCTG 230/231 Financial Accounting 3 Credits
HD 334 Prin. of Community Development 3 Credits
HD 479 Program Planning & Evaluation 3 Credits
HD 498 Field Placement 3 Credits
MGMT 401/POLS 442 Leadership Skills 3 Credits
MGMT 450 Personnel Management 3 Credits
MKTG 379 Professional Sales 3 Credits
POLS 436 Disability, Aging, & Public Policy 3 Credits
PSYCH 308 Organizational Psychology 3 Credits
PSYCH 309 Cultural Diversity in Organizations 3 Credits
POLS 445 Public Personnel Administration 3 Credits