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Washington State University

Family and Consumer Sciences

Pullman students may pursue family and consumer sciences teacher certification while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development. This certification offers graduates an opportunity to work with youth in school settings, focusing on content that will help them develop as productive individuals and members of society. Family and consumer sciences teachers promote youth leadership through involvement in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Association, an integral part of the curriculum. Through this program, students complete coursework for two Washington State teaching certificates: Family and Consumer Sciences (grades 5-12) and Career and Technical Education.

Students complete the majority of their coursework in the Department of Human Development. Additional content from the departments of Teaching and Learning, Educational Psychology, Biological Sciences, Hospitality and Business Management, Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles, and Agricultural Education provides graduates with rich content knowledge and professional certification. Currently, teachers holding certification in Family and Consumer Sciences are in high demand in the State of Washington and in other areas of the United States.

Required Courses (53-57 credit hours)
HBM 258 Fundamentals of Cooking & Dining Room Service 3 Credits
BIOL 140 [BSCI] Introduction to Nutritional Science 3 Credits
HD 306 Child Development 3 Credits
HD 307 Middle Childhood & Adolescent Development 3 Credits
HD 204 [SSCI] Family Interactions 3 Credits
HD 302 Parent-Child Relationship 3 Credits
HD 310 [M] Research Methods 3 Credits
HD 320 [M] Resource Management 4-8 Credits
HD 350 [DIVR] Family Diversity 3 Credits
HD 407 Student Teaching for Families & Consumer Sciences 3 Credits
HD 408 Advanced Adolescent Development 3 Credits
HD 410 [M] Public Policy Issues in HD 3 Credits
HD 479 Planning & Evaluation in HD 3 Credits
HD 480 Instructional Strategies in HD 3 Credits
AG ED 440 [M] Principles of Career & Technical Education 2 Credits
Elective Courses that Support the FCS Teaching Certification (choose 2)
AMDT 210 [SCI] Textiles
AMDT 211 Apparel Assembly 3 Credits
AMDT 417 Multicultural Perspectives on the Body & Dress 3 Credits
Teacher Preparation Requirements
ENGL 201 [WRTG] Writing & Research 3 Credits
TCH_LRN 301 Learning & Development 3 Credits
TCH_LRN 317 Initial Practicum Experience 2 Credits
TCH_LRN 415 Student Teaching 8 Credits
TCH_LRN 464 Curriculum, Instruction, & Content Literacy Methods 3 Credits
TCH_LRN 465 Teaching English Language Learners for Secondary Teachers 3 Credits
TCH_LRN 466 Secondary Methods of Educational Technology 2 Credits
TCH_LRN 467 Adolescence, Community, & School 3 Credits
TCH_LRN 469 Advanced Practicum 2 Credits
TCH_LRN 470 Special Education, Transition, & Classroom Management 3 Credits