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Washington State University
Adair Lawrence

Adair Lawrence

Senior Instructor   509-335-7943 Johnson Tower 614, Pullman

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


  • M.S. Child Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Idaho, 1995
  • B.S. Home Economics, Child Development and Family Relations, University of Idaho, 1992
  • A.A. Liberal Arts, Sierra College, 1983

Professional Experience

Senior Instructor, Department of Human Development, Washington State University

Instructor, Department of Human Development Washington State University

Fall 1998
Lecturer, School of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Idaho

Lecturer, School of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Idaho

Lead Teacher,  Child Development Laboratory, School of Child, Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Idaho

Co/owner/operator, Cozy Corner Family Childcare, Roseville CA.

Preschool teacher, Placer County Daycare, Roseville CA.

Courses Taught

  • Principles and Methods of Observation, University of Idaho
  • Infancy and Early Childhood, University of Idaho
  • Early Childhood Practicum, University of Idaho
  • Developmental Curriculum for Young Children, University of Idaho
  • Learning and Guidance in Early Childhood, Washington State University
  • Parent-Child Relationships, Washington State University
  • Middle Childhood Through Adolescence, Washington State University
  • Early Childhood Practicum, Washington State University

Interest Areas

  • Feeding young children in group settings
  • Developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood care and education
  • NAEYC Accreditation and Validation
  • Parent/child/teacher relationships – creating a caring community for children
  • Parent education


Branen, L., Fletcher, J., Lawrence, A., (1997). Late Adolescent’s perceptions of their caregiver’s feeding styles and those they will use with their own children.Adolescence 32 (126), 287-298