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Washington State University

Meet Our Prevention Science Graduates

Jackelyn Hidalgo-Mendez, Ph.D

DVHF Site Coordinator/ Research Assistant and Housing Program Coordinator for Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Michigan State University

2019 WSU Prevention Science Graduate

Dissertation Title:  The Relationship Between Coping and Disordered Eating in Latino Preadolescents

Primary Advisor:  Thomas Power (Human Development)

Committee Members:  Louise Parker (Human Development), Brenda Barrio (University of North Texas), Michael Cleveland (Human Development)

What is your current job title?

Site Coordinator/ Research Assistant and Program Coordinator for WSCADV (Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence)

What organization do you work for?

Michigan State University

What do you do in your current job?

For Michigan State University, I complete English and Spanish interviews with domestiv violence survivors as well as coordinate the collection and management of interview, advocate and agency data of the Domestic Violence Housing First program evaluating impact of funds and housing advocacy on survivors’ housing stability, safety, and well-being in Grant and Adams County.

For WSCADV, I coordinate statewide training, technical assistance, and leadership on DV emergency sheltering and housing services. This includes providing support on advocacy practices, service design, and organizational policies to DV programs across the state on new directions to undo root causes of violence. I additionally contribute to the completion of a federally-funded research study, and promote the promising and evidence-based practices of mobile advocacy, flexible financial assistance, and community engagement.

How did WSU’s Prevention Science Graduate Program prepare you for this work?

WSU’s Prevention Science Graduate Program offered some good foundational knowledge! My advisor, Tom Power, was so instrumental throughout my graduate experience and beyond! His guidance truly helped prepare me with the depth of knowledge I needed to apply for/succeed in my work within the domestic violence movement.

What words of wisdom do you have for future WSU Prevention Science students?

Keep going– especially during these current country/world/life circumstances we are finding ourselves in. It’s so incredibly important to hold onto your “why” and keep moving forward. Prevention is so important. I will also say that it’s also important to invest in self-care as students and to surround yourself with a strong support system.