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Washington State University

Make Choices

Posted by angie.funaiole | April 18, 2016

Once internship offers or options are on the table (many students receive more than one offer), students must evaluate their personal and professional interests, skills, experiences, education, and work values in order to select the best placement for their future career goals. Once students have committed to a university-and faculty-approved site, students are required to work with their site mentor and human development faculty to develop a detailed Internship Learning Agreement that reflects the goals of the organization, mentor, and intern. These agreements:

  • Detail how mentorship and training will be provided and what activities the student intern will engage in to achieve learning goals and objectives.
  • Outline specific start and end dates as well as proposed work week schedules.
  • Plans are reviewed, edited, and approved/signed by the site mentor, WSU intern coordinator, and student (signatures must be complete prior to the start of the student’s placement)