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Washington State University

IMPACT Lab Undergraduate Students

IMPACT Undergraduate Research Assistant Taylor Larkin

Taylor Larkin


Current student at Washington State University – Class of 2022

Areas of Emphasis

  • At-Risk Youth studies with a specialization in adolescence
  • Prevention of delinquency and truancy
  • Human development and psychosocial behavioral analysis


Research Interests

I am an undergraduate research assistant in the IMPACT Lab in the department of Human Development at Washington State University. My studies cover a variety of social and psychological contexts of human beings and their developmental socialization. I am specializing in at-risk youth and delinquency prevention, with a concentration in adolescence. My areas of interest include prevention and intervention programming for school and community implementation targeting adolescent populations, as well as policy reformation and analysis of existing programs and those in juvenile corrections and facilities to improve the efficacy and cost effectiveness of corrections for rehabilitating youth.