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Washington State University

WSU Publications Related to CPWI

Note: * indicates student contributor

Under Review and In Progress

*Shrestha, G., Hill, L. G., & Cooper, B. R. (under review). Effectiveness of the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative: A Statewide Strategic Planning Framework for Reducing Adolescent Alcohol Use. Submitted to Prevention Science.

*Jenkins, G. J., Cooper, B. R., *Funaiole, A., & Hill, L. G. (in progress). Developmentally sepcific recipes for achievement of coalition model fidelity: An exploration of necessity and sufficiency. Target Journal: American Journal of Community Psychology.


Cooper, B. R., *Funaiole, A., & *Jenkins, G. J. (2017, September). CPWI Process Evaluation: A 2016-2017 Snapshot of the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative Implementation in Washington State. Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (Technical report).