Dr. Marcelo Diversi

Marcelo Diversi

Associate Professor


McClaskey 230, Vancouver

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. Human and Community Development, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Master’s in Sports Psychology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • B.A. Education/Physical Education, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
Areas of Emphasis
  • Decolonizing epistemologies
  • Politics of interpretation and representation in the social sciences
  • Ethnography of street youth
Recent Publications


Diversi, M., & Moreira, C. (2009). Betweener talk: Decolonizing knowledge production, pedagogy, and praxis. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.
Winner of the National Communication Association, Division of Ethnography, 2010 Book of Year Award

Peer-reviewed Publications (selected)

Roulette, J., Hill, L., Diversi, M., & Overath, I. (2017). Cultural adaptations of the Strengthening Families Program 10-14: A qualitative evaluation. Health Education, 76(2), 169-181.

Diversi, M., & Moreira, C. (2016). Performing betweener autoethnographies against persistent Us/Them essentializing: Learning on a Freirean pedagogy of hope. Qualitative Inquiry, 22(7), 581-587.

Diversi, M. (2016). The ever-shifting excuses for demonizing Black people in America. Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies, 16(3), 245-252.

Giardina, M., Denzin, N., Brinkmann, S., Diversi, M., Mendoza, M., Poulos, C., & St. Pierre, E. (2015). A Conversation about the Past, Present, and Future of Qualitative Inquiry. In N.K. Denzin & M.D. Giardina (Eds.), Qualitative Inquiry – Past, Present, and Future. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.

Diversi, M. (2014). Damming the Amazon: The postcolonial march of the wicked West. Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies, 14(3), 242-246.

Moreira, C., & Diversi, M. (2014). The coin will continue to fly: Dismantling the myth of the Lone Expert. Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies, 14(4), 298-302.

Diversi, M., & Moreira, C. (2013). Real world: Classrooms as decolonizing sites against neoliberal narratives of the Other. Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies,13, 469-473.

Lewis, P., Montgomery, H. M., Campbell, C., Ritenburg, H., & Diversi, M. (2013). Initiating a new story. International Review of Qualitative Research, 6, 478-486.

Cunningham, M., & Diversi, M. (2013). Aging out: Youths’ perspectives on foster care and the transition to independence. Qualitative Social Work12, 587-602.

Diversi, M., & Moreira, C. (2013). Migrant stories: Searching for healing in autoethnographies of Diaspora. To appear in M. Weems (Ed.), Writings of healing and resistance: Empathy and the imagination intellect (pp. 135-146), Cultural Critique Series. New York: Peter Lang Publisher.

Moreira, C., & Diversi, M. (2012). Betweeners speak up: Challenging knowledge production through collaborative writing and visceral knowledge in decolonizing times. International Review of Qualitative Research, 5, 399-406.

Diversi, M., & Moreira, C. (2012). Decolonizing constructions of childhood and history: Interrupting narratives of avoidance to children’s questions about social injustice. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 25(2), 189-203.

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Moreira, C, & Diversi, M. (2011).  Missing bodies: Troubling the colonial landscape of American academia. Text and Performance Quarterly, 31, 229-248. Winner of the National Communication Association, Division of Ethnography, 2012 Best Journal Article Award

Moreira, C., & Diversi, M. (2010). When janitors dare to become scholars: A betweeners’ view of the politics of knowledge production from decolonizing street-corners. International Review of Qualitative Research, 2, 457-474.