Improving Prevention through Action Research (IMPACT) Lab

The IMPACT (IMproving Prevention through ACTion) Research lab is led by Drs. Laura Hill, Brittany Cooper, and Louise Parker, and includes undergraduate and graduate students interested in the prevention of social, emotional and behavioral health problems for youth, families and communities. Our research is aimed at closing the gap between the science and real-world practice of prevention, and therefore strong collaborations with prevention practitioners and policymakers are central to our approach. Specifically, our goal is to better understand what it takes to get effective, culturally relevant prevention programs and policies widely disseminated, implemented with high quality, and sustained across time in diverse community settings. To this aim, we engage in action-oriented, mixed-methods research on quality implementation, and sustainability, and conduct evaluations (including non-experimental evaluation in real-world settings) of evidence-based prevention interventions.

Current translational research projects include:

Opportunities for students include:

  • Develop data collection tools (e.g., surveys, interview protocols)
  • Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data
  • Gain experience in managing large data sets and applying advanced statistical methods
  • Create content and visuals for reports and presentations to communicate research findings to multiple stakeholder groups (e.g., prevention providers, community members)
  • Present posters and papers at regional and national conferences
  • Co-author research publications
  • Participate in trainings and workshops related to prevention science
  • Provide technical assistance to prevention program providers
  • Foster collaborations with program providers and practitioners as part of the research and evaluation projects
  • Collaborate on projects that directly affect local and state policies
  • Cultivate a professional network with leading prevention researchers and practitioners